the company

Kent Chemicals can be best described as an energy driven company, producing a wide array of Specialty Oils. Founded in the year 2004, Kent has been producing Specialty Oils for an exhaustive range of applications. With a vast experience and intricate knowledge about the Specialty Oil industry; Kent now attempts to redraw the landscape from being a producer of Liquid Paraffins to an end to end solution provider for all oil needs.

Kent’s new found confidence is strongly grounded on environment friendly manufacturing facilities which are ISO 14001 and WHO GMP Certified for highest level of environment and manufacturing compliance.

Kent’s strength lies in its extensive range of Liquid Paraffins and White Oils which the Company proudly markets under the brand name Kenergie.

Kent Chemicals

a reflection

Kent’s growth has been a reflection of customer satisfaction where by companies and brands; both big and small have trusted Kent over the years and the company has also risen to their expectations by providing finest quality products.

At Kent we give top most priority to our partners; thus creating an environment of mutual trust and cooperation. Our progress is a reflection of anticipating requirements, giving high quality yet cost effective products, delivering value for money and offering quality of services that surpasses expectations.

Kent symbolizes team effort where by every member is contributing to the fullest to achieve a common goal of growth through satisfaction.

Kent Chemicals

the brand

The name Kenergie is reminiscent of Kent’s energy. The same was appellated by Kent’s Founder Ankur Sachdeva who believes each one of us is gifted with an innate power which is the guiding force of our existence.

Kenergie represents a confluence of energies of all its team and aims at tapping each one’s potential to the fullest.

Kenergie is a generous dose of high quality Specialty Oils with a spark of variety to power a generation of products used in various walks of life.

why we

  • At Kent, we might be engineers, scientists, operators or product developers, but most importantly we take pride in being your Partners for Oil.
    Kent is majorly a manufacturer of high quality specialty oils aligned with a customer centric approach. Delivering value with utmost satisfaction to our partners is the very heart of our corporate focus. Conforming to the best standards of reliability, we are dedicated to serve our partners through our Kenergie brand of Specialty Oils.
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the products

Kenergie product portfolio consists of varied grade of Liquid Paraffins and White Oils confirming to various standards and specifications.

Kenergie range of specialty oils are versatile oils varying in density and viscosity. The company however specializes in supplying products to suit the need of the individual end user.

The oils are produced in environment friendly facilities from superior quality feedstock and undergo meticulous quality measures to endorse Kent’s motto of highest quality products.

Kenergie range of specialty oils undergo multiple quality control checks to ensure that every drop of oil carries Kent’s promised and prescribed quality.

The products are stored in company owned tank farms and delivered in tank trucks and barrels to suit the customer requirement.

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the vision

Kent’s vision holds its grounds in its core competence in procuring, producing, marketing and distributing with a strong commitment to quality ensuring that our partners produce superior quality products.

We understand the need of being proactive in this dynamic environment; we are thus constantly evolving our processes and procedures to cope up with the changing times and be ahead of our contemporaries.

we energize

Kenergie range of Liquid Paraffins and White Oils are used in multiple industries ranging from personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food preservatives to companies manufacturing products used in our day to day life making our life easy

the team

Competencies provide the foundation for outstanding execution and service quality. Therefore, we are committed to enable our people to achieve their highest potential by treating all employees with dignity, fairness and respect for their individual contribution and differences.

People are heart of our business. Together they foster a culture that promotes personal and professional development, respects and celebrates success at every level. We demonstrate how we value our employees by empowering them to do more.

be a part of us

We work with the best and brightest in the industry. A company who looks at challenges as golden opportunities. If you work hard, enjoy collaborating with a super team and possess the drive to be the best, then we want to hear from you


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